Facebook Advertising

Deliver your message to the perfect audience with Facebook ads

With over 15 million active users in Australia*, Facebook remains the leading social media network in this country. Most of these users access the platform at least once per day, so with the right targeting, you’re able to reach your perfect audience and get your message or offer across to them.

Here are 6 other reasons you should be advertising on Facebook:

  • It’s cheaper than almost any other digital platform.
  •  You see results – good and bad – very quickly and can adjust your ads, targeting, daily spend or offer accordingly. As long as you monitor them carefully, there’s no way you’ll waste valuable marketing budget on poorly performing campaigns.
  • Targeting options are exceptional.
  •  Auto-fill lead form ads allow you to easily gather information about your leads and send their details to your CRM.
  • You can create fun and interactive campaigns in the Facebook messenger app.
  • You can learn a lot about your audience from their comments and the way they interact with your ads.