Automated Email Marketing

Simplify your communication plan with automated email marketing

Email automation plays a crucial role in nurturing your leads to become customers.  It takes the heavy lifting out of your communication plan by automatically sending relevant messages at pre-scheduled moments in the sales funnel.  

Here are the top 6 benefits of email automation:

  1. It happens automatically!  Once a contact meets specifically programmed criteria, emails will be sent. Automated email marketing is like having a super-reliable extra team member who takes care of following up with your clients, and sending them useful information. 
  2. Consistency.  Automated emails ensure consistent brand messaging as well as consistent delivery of your brand message to your leads.  You can relax knowing that every lead is followed up with the right information at the right time. 
  3. Increased brand awareness. Delivering regular, relevant and useful information to your leads means your business will be top of mind when your lead is ready to become a customer, so they’ll be more likely to choose you over your competitor. 
  4. Improved customer insights.  Your automated email marketing platform delivers valuable performance reporting that allows you to better understand your customer and what they want. By segmenting your contacts based on how they’ve responded to your emails or what content they’ve engaged with, you can deliver content that is tailored to suit their needs or interests, increasing the relevance of your brand. 
  5. You can test and optimize your messages and offers. Your marketing automation platform makes it easy to compare the results of your email campaigns and see what worked, what didn’t and to get ideas about how to improve on your efforts. 
  6. It saves you time and money. Sure, there’s an up-front cost to setting up an automated email marketing system, but the cost savings over time and increased sales will mean it will soon pay for itself.  Reducing the time you and your staff spend on repetitive marketing will allow you to focus on other high value activities.