Google Ads

Be seen by people actively searching for your product or service with Google Ads

Google Ads services include:

  1. Account audit and optimisation. We’ll analyse your existing account performance to discover opportunities for improvement.
  2.  Keyword research. Thorough research to determine words and phrases (keywords) that are relevant to your business and that are likely to be searched for by your ideal clients.
  3.  Campaign structure planning to enhance Google’s Quality Score. Your Google Ads campaign structure must be carefully planned to represent all themes and sub-themes that are relevant to the product or service you offer.  Segmenting your keywords according to each theme, creating ads specific to each theme and sending traffic from these ads to a relevant landing page improves your relevance to people searching and increases your Google Quality Score. The higher your Google Quality Score, the more often your ads will be shown to your target audience.
  4. Ad creation. Incorporating relevant keywords, key offers and a call to action to entice your target audience to click through to your site. We test a variety of headlines and ad copy to find the version that is most appealing to ensure the lowest cost per conversion.
  5. Ad extension development. Ad extensions show extra information about your business and increase the visibility of your ads.
  6. Conversion tracking set up. We’ll work with you to determine key conversions  (e.g. sales, calls to your business or downloads and sign-ups on your site) and set up tracking so you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  7. Integration with existing software. We’ll connect your Google Ads account to any other necessary software platform (e.g. e-commerce store, email marketing programme, Google Analytics) for improved transparency of campaign performance.
  8. Ongoing monthly account management. Monitoring, improving and reporting on campaign performance.