Bing Ads

Leads and sales at a lower cost with Bing advertising

Bing (owned by Microsoft) now has around 16% of the Australian market share of search engine queries, equating to around 146 million searches every month*. This figure is growing each year.  So although Google still reign supreme when it comes to paid search engine marketing,  (retaining almost 84% share of the market) it’s worth considering extending your digital reach with Bing advertising.

Bing advertising allows you to access an audience across Microsoft owned properties such as Office365, Windows, LinkedIn, Skype, MSN Outlook and the Edge browser.  Most of this audience would not be available to you if you were only advertising with Google.

Another great reason to jump on board Bing advertising is that you’ll pay far less when someone clicks on your ad  than you would if they’d clicked on your Google ad.  Search engine marketing is essentially an auction with competitors bidding to have their ads appear when people search for a specific word or term.  As there are less competitors bidding on the same words in Bing, the cost remains lower.